John Boyle Disc Jockey


John Boyle has performed MC Duties at many functions in various ways - from formal to light-hearted. Over the years, he has looked after Wedding Receptions, Awards Nights, Fashion Parades, Fund Raisers, Private Functions, Social Evenings and Corporate Events - always with a focus on good entertainment. Time is taken to meet all clients before the event so that he is fully informed as to what is to be achieved. This time spent before the event ensures that on the day John is prepared so that everything is done as desired and enjoyable for all.


at a WEDDING RECEPTION starts with the introduction of the Bridal Party and goes right through to the farewell. During that time, the MC will look after the Bridal Party, monitor the timing of the night, ensure other contractors like photographer/Videographer and DJ/Band are kept informed, so they don't miss anything, and work with the crew at the venue to ensure all is done to time. There are other little jobs as well but the most important is to look after the night so the Bride and Groom can enjoy their celebration.


at an EVENT

...from the moment the guests arrive to the end, John works closely with the event organisers and the venue to ensure all requirements are done to time. Introducing speakers, working with production crew and venue staff, ensuring all times are met are just a few of the jobs he looks after. Once the event starts it is important that all goes to plan effortlessly - John has the experience to help ensure this. 

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